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Handy Manny Tools

Handy Manny is one of the animated cartoons from Disney Channel that showcases a repairman from Sheetrock Hills named Manuel “Manny” Garcia. This repairman has talking tools like Squeez the Pliers, Stretch the Tape Measure, Dusty the Saw, Pat the Hammer, Rusty the Monkey Wrench and most of all Felipe and Turner, the Screwdriver rivals. There are also other human characters like Kelly the hardware store owner and the owner of a candy store, Mr. Lopart. Manny and his loving tools work together to finish a certain job and fixing it with fun.

Handy Manny tools are an awesome toy which will really keep your kids busy for an hour or two. It offers four tools just like the show which will help your kids fix and repair the things they want to repair. The toy also comes with a truck. This truck serves as a tool bench. This toy has bilingual phrases, sound effects and blueprints that will really make your child’s playtime more fun and enjoyable.

There are also Handy Manny Wall Graphics available online.

These toys bring the Handy Manny Tools characters for life. It offers tools which will help your child fix various things. The fix-it song, blueprints and phrases from the TV show will help make the fixing time fun. There are also 5 engine parts that can be fixed. Just like in the TV show, you child can get also phone calls from different people asking them to fix something in their neighborhood. Your child has to pick the right tools for the job. If your child has finished fixing something, the item will play fun sound effects. This toy is recommended for kids ages 3 and above. This will really make his afternoon fun and delightful. This toy also requires 3 AA batteries to work. You can find a good handyman by searching “handyman near me” and get the best pricing and a great service.